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Jerry. Tampa, FL. Photographer. Beard.
American Muscle. Food. Super cars. Women. Clouds. Hot Wheels. Art. Design.

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Not to be messed with.

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Work flow. Big messy fro. First time closing by myself!

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Sometimes I have to remind y’all that the owner of this blog is a hella fly real life mermaid.


Shout out to the perfect picnic on my birthday with the best bunch around . Thanks for the pic sis @corinnemusic


Photos By: Nick Sakowski
Model: Jasmine Timmons
July 20, 2014

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The challenge is to post six pics where you felt pretty, then tag six people to do the same.

Thanks for tagging me, yourpersonalcheerleader :)

I am tagging daniellemertina, youngblackandveganfitblr, coolcalmcommitted, lovelyandbrown, bluegenesbooks, & vulva-peregrination 

You look glorious. And Okay, okay! I got you.

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